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C1/C2 Idioms Kill two birds with one stone

Two blackbirds on an electricity wire laughing AI generated with Fusion Brain
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Idiom Kill two birds with one stone

Idiom to kill two birds with one stone



To 'kill two birds with one stone' means ... 

“Imagine this: You’re a skilled hunter in ancient times, armed with a trusty stone. Suddenly, not one, but two birds appear in front of you. With a mischievous glint in your eye, you take aim and – wham! You knock out not one, but two feathery targets with a single stone! Talk about legendary precision! That’s where the idiom ‘killing two birds with one stone’ comes from. It’s all about getting things done efficiently. So, let’s channel our inner ancient hunter and embrace the art of accomplishing multiple tasks at once. Because who needs one bird when you can have two, right?”

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