Past perfect and past simple: A Horrible Day

Past perfect or past simple? This is an activity that will help you practise these tenses within a story about Jane, a girl that was looking forward to going to a party, but discovered that being absent-minded wasn’t a good thing ….unless you change the end of the story.

The first part of the activity is to fill in the blanks with the correct form of the verb in brackets. After checking the activity, students can write their own version of the end of the story. (max 50 words).

Once we have all the stories, we’re going to vote the one we like most! 🙂

Created by blogdeserena

B2 Past simple & past perfect A Horrible Day

Fill the blank spaces with the correct form of the verb in brackets.

Use the past perfect whenever possible

Activity by Serena

Jane was very tired because she 1) .... (have) a hard and long day at work. It was seven o'clock and at last she 2) ..... (turn off) her computer where she 3) ..... (spend) all day introducing data. She was very tired but it 4) ..... (be) Friday (Friday at last!) and tonight she was going to a party. She really looked forward to going because this party was going to be great. Apart from this, she 5) ..... (have) a date with Mr. Perfect, a really nice guy she 6) ..... (meet) a couple of days before.







The thing is, Jane 7) ....(not know ) that everything was going to go absolutely wrong. Jane was driving in her car when suddenly it 8) ..... (stop) because she 9) ... (forget) to fill up the petrol tank that morning. She immediately called her father, but while she was trying to explain where she was, she 10) ....  (run out ) of battery. She  knew her battery was low but she 11) ...(not take) a battery charger with her. On top of all that, she only had about ten quid on her and no credit card. That wasn't going to get her very far, was it? Home was miles away and she 12) .... (want) to dress up for the party. What a mess!!! Could things possibly get any worse? What Jane didn't know then, is that things were definitely going to get a lot worse...
Invent the rest of the story.







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