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Irregular verbs in past simple

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Feel like pulling your hair out with English irregular verbs? Well, for God’s sake don’t pull them out with irregular verbs it may be painful! (That was a translation from Spanish.  You should pull them out due to/because of irregular verbs). 

Maybe the best way to deal with them is to learn them by heart (I hate memorizing stuff!),  although there might be another way, I don’t know about.  I would even say that it is better to learn both, the past simple and the past participle together (yes, the ones in the third column at the end of your Student’s book). This may seem a pretty daunting activity, but if you set yourself to learning, for example five of them a week, in two months you will have learnt forty of  the most important ones, which isn’t too bad, is it? 

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A2-B1 Irregular verbs in past simple

Write the correct form of the verb in brackets.

Activity by Serena

I  ___ that book last year. It's quite boring. (read)

They ___ a very funny song about their politicians. (sing)

They ____ the pink curtains but I think they are horrible. (choose)

She  ____ the card a bit late this year. (send)

The police ___  the robbers the day after the robbery. (catch)

They ___ a lovely time with their friends laughing and singing songs. (spend)

She can't go on the cycling tour because she ___  her knee the other day. (cut)

He ___ his girlfriend when he was travelling to Germany. (meet)

His uncle  ___ him the money to buy a new car. (lend)

I feel really tired because I ____ last night I  badly. (sleep)

The whole family ___ to London for the sport event. (fly)

My mother always ____  beautiful flowers in her garden. (grow)

Dickens  ____ some of the most popular novels of the 19th century. (write)

When I was little my dad ____ me the most incredible stories he made up. (tell)

Would you like me to tell you about the news I ___ yesterday? (hear)

My mother ___  five languages. (speak)

She ___ a famous writer after her third book. (become)

The team ___really sad when they lost the game. (feel)

He has a bad stomach because he ___ too much food at the party. (eat)

And after the burglar got in through the window, he ___ the safe. (steal)

At school we had a ridiculous uniform. We  ___bright yellow t-shirts and bright green trousers. (wear)

I ____ a lot of money for this but I don't think it is really worth it. (pay)

A: Did you hear what he said?

B: Yes and I _____ him as well. (understand)

He  ___ the shopping to the front door. (bring)

During the 70's big companies ___ a lot of hotels on the island. (build)

He ____ his leg playing football. (break)

The book ___ a lot of money because it is very antique.(cost)

Long ago people ___ their money under the floor boards. (keep)

Last night I ____ David at the show. (see)

The school  ___ the sports competition. (win)

The player  ____ the ball out of the field. (throw)

He has an incredible memory. We were at the meeting and he ___ everybody's name. (know)

What a pity! They ___ all the cakes this morning and I wanted to get some for you. (sell)

He ____ the door with a loud slam. (shut)

The man ____ to call for help when he saw the fire. (run)

We __ a new car last year. (buy)

They  ___ a very old Rembrandt in the attic. (find)

We  ___ to phone Jane. (forget)

They ___ all the water because they were very thirsty. (drink)

What do you mean you don't have any money? I ___ you some yesterday! (give)

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