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Culture quiz: How much do you know about British Christmas?

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I say British because Christmas is celebrated almost all over the world and obviously, everybody has their way of doing this. If you’re from a country but you live in another one (like me), you will most probably blend both traditions which means that on Christmas Day you might eat a typical Majorcan soup for starters and have turkey as main dish, just to set an example. It might also mean that you have to behave extra-well if you want both, Santa and the Three Kings to call round, but it will also sound a bit awkward for relatives back in England when you tell them that you are still feasting and celebrating when they have already got back to their daily routine at the workplace and have probably been on a diet for the last fortnight (getting rid of those extra Christmas calories). Anyway, whatever you do and whatever your beliefs are, I think Christmas is a lovely moment to enjoy time with your loved ones and to reach out to those you haven’t seen for some time just to remind them how much you love and care for them. That for me is what really matters at Christmas, don’t you agree?

Here you have a Christmas quiz on some cultural aspects from British Christmas. I hope you enjoy it.

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Quiz by Serena

Father Christmas didn't use to be red, overweight and always laughing. His popular modern image is due for a series of ads that appeared from the 30s to the 60s. Do you know the name of the famous company that contributed to change his image? 

Who of the people from the list, set up the first Christmas tree in England? 

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Tinsels are traditional Christmas tree decorations. They used to be made of silver thread but in time were substituted for the tinsel we know today. There are traditional tales that say this decoration was made by ..... 

Another very popular Christmas dessert is trifle. What ingredients is it made from? 

Trafalgar Square's Christmas tree is donated every year to the British since 1947 by a country. Which country? 

photo by Nick Fewings

When do the British pull Christmas Crackers?

When do the British sing Auld Lang Syne?

Which of the names below, was an old name for Father Christmas? 

Mince pies are traditionally eaten as a Christmas dessert. Do you know what they have inside?

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What ingredient can't be found in mincemeat which is the traditional stuffing for mince pies? 

Who wrote the song So this is Christmas? 

What object isn't usually included in a Christmas cracker? 

What's the name of the famous British poet that said 'Don't eat your turkey this Christmas' in Talking Turkeys? 

In Britain, not all the children send their letters to Santa by mail. Some use another traditional mean. Which one?

What's the name for the songs that people go round singing from door to door at Christmas? 

Lovers kiss under the branch of a plant on at midnight on New Year's Eve. This old tradition is thought to bring good luck in love to the lovers. Do you know the name of the plant?

If somebody says 'Blithe Yule!' wishing you a merry Christmas, in what part of the UK are you? 

What do children put by the fireside on Christmas Eve? 


What do British children traditionally leave for Santa and his reindeers as a snack? 

The day after Christmas Day is called... 

When did Christmas trees start to become popular in England? 

Image from BBC food

Christmas pudding! Mmmmm! What traditional object is put inside it? 


When was the first time a cracker was pulled? 

What's the name for the day after New Year's Eve? 

What is the name of the famous Christmas ghost story written by Charles Dickens? 

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