C 2 · People, relationships & family

Negative prefixes for adjectives

What is it, un-, in-, dis- or im- for abashed? Eeeeks! There are some rules for word formation concerning adjectives such as ir- if the word begins with r like in responsible = irresponsible and im- for words that begin with a p or b like possible=impossible, or prudent=imprudent, but this sometimes needs some practice…… Continue reading Negative prefixes for adjectives

A2 · Grammar

A2 Comparative structures ‘adjective + er/more + than’

Here’s a grammar bite on comparative structures using ‘adjective+ er/more/less + than’  that we can use when we want to say that two items are different in a quality. Remember that the general rule for one-syllable and some two-syllable adjectives,  (small, clever, happy, etc.) is the affix -er, while other adjectives  (honest, beautiful, interesting, etc.)…… Continue reading A2 Comparative structures ‘adjective + er/more + than’