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C1/C2 Rain idioms and expressions

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We all know the one about ‘raining cats and dogs’ but what about ‘to rain on somebody’s parade’ or ‘to give something a rain check’? In the link below you’re bound to learn at least one more of the many British idioms.

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Rain Idioms

Hi there! Here's a quiz related to English idioms and expressions that use this word.

Quiz by Serena

If you take a rain check on something, you have ... 

rain pour
Genaro Servín at Pexels

Maybe one of the most loved British idioms

'Raining cats and dogs' refers to ...(we all know this one!) 


The phrasal verb 'be rained off' means ...

Come rain, come shine  

'It never rains but it pours' means...

If you rain on somebody's parade, you have ... 

If somebody is as right as rain, they're...

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