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C2 Listening Working on the Parole Board

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Paul Worsley, former judge, discusses the dilemma a parole board faces when it comes to deciding whether a person convicted of murder can be released into the community.

In this listening activity, you will listen to an interview from Talkradio Europe. Fill in the blanks with the word(s) you hear.

As the aim of the activity is to make it as similar as possible to “the real thing”, you’ll have a minute to read the questions, 14 minutes to hear the audio twice (put it back to zero position), and another minute to check your answers. Before you do the listening Working on the Parole Board, you may want to do the pre-listening quick quiz as a warm-up.

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Pre-listening Working on the Parole board

This is a pre-listening quiz for the listening activity Working on the Parole Board.

Read and choose the best option.

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X want to ... a decent life.

Choose the word that collocates with ...

sex ...

Meaning to have an advantage.

To ... the benefit of something.

charge ... murder

to come to ... with what you have done.

Uproar is synonym to ...

What does the idiom  a leopard cannot change its spots mean?

To become or be besotted means...

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C1 C2 Working on the parole board

You are going to hear an interview from Talkradio Europe .

Listen and fill in the gaps with the word(s) you hear.

The activity will be set to an amount of time that will allow you to hear the audio twice and complete the task.

One minute to read the questions.

14 minutes to listen to the audio twice.

One minute to complete the task.

Activity by Serena

  1. Deciding if a convict is eligible for leaving prison is similar to __________ball.

2. At the parole board, when deciding eligibility, you see a person who has been ____ for 20 years.

3. On the day of the hearing,  you must reach a decision based on reports and ____ before releasing a person into the community.

4. One of the greatest worries of the parole board is concerned with sex  offenders who are _____

5.The  cab driver was later ___  with other offences.

6. Deciding whether an offender has regretted commiting a crime or not is a very _____ for the parole board.

7. Before obtaining total freedom, convicts sleep at an open prison where they are ___ .

Speak for a minute

Do punishments act as an effective deterrent for crime?

Judge Worsley, mentions that deciding if a person brought to the parole board is eligible or not is like gazing into a crystal ball. In your own words, try to explain what he meant by this.

Judge Worsly, mentioned that “some criminals never change their spots”, how far do you agree with this statement. Reason your answer.

What’s your stance on the common belief that the longer an offender remains incarcerated, the better?

What crimes according to you, should be given a life sentence?

What crimes, according to you receive an unfair and harsh punishment.

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