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B2 Stages of life vocabulary

In this word cloud you have a mixture of nouns and adjectives related to different stages of life. Look up the meaning of each word and after, take the quiz where you will have to write the missing word.

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B2 Stages of life quiz

Read and complete the sentence with one word.

Activity by Serena

A stage in your life when you can probably suffer from acne.

Clue: first letter 'a'

An _____ couple have just moved in next door.

Clue: a polite word for 'old'

A ____ is entitled to free services such as transport and other advantages in the UK.

Clue: a person who receives a payment from the government because they have reached a certain age.

I remember my _____ as a very happy time in my life. I played with my siblings all day.

Clue: a period of life when you are a child.

Lots of people only find financial stability when they reach ____.

Clue: of an age when you are neither young nor old.

Their _____ baby didn't stop crying, so they were exhausted.

Clue: recently born

John is going to take an early _____ next year.

Clue: stop working due to age or health condition.

He was 40, and a confirmed _____ .

Clue: of a single man

The _____ are always making us go to bed early and eat vegetables!

Clue: refers to adults. Frequently used by children

Their ____ throws the most amazing tantrums!

Clue: of a child that has just started to walk.

____ drinking is forbidden by law.

Clue: not of adult age

It is not allowed to serve alcohol to ____.

Clue: of being underage.

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