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English vowel sounds short i /I/ & long I /i:/

As a start for this year, here’s another video on English vowel sounds. This video is for short and long i sounds that are often confused by learners of English. At the end of the video you have a short listening activity to practise distinguishing the sound between two words that have a very similar…… Continue reading English vowel sounds short i /I/ & long I /i:/

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What is phonetics and why should we learn it?

Some years ago I devoted part of the blog to this area of language learning, but now that the plug-in is no longer available, I needed to refocus on a new tool. So why not Youtube? I’m going to gradually upgrade all the stuff I wrote on phonetics and here is the very first video.…… Continue reading What is phonetics and why should we learn it?

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B2 Cooking vocabulary 2

Hello. In this post you’ll find a short video with pictures and a short quiz for basic cooking vocabulary for intermediate levels of English. Cooking vocabulary 2 covers more advanced verbs. If you’d like to check your memory and spelling, you can do the crossword that you’ll find in this post. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L2jvCoLTf5U Serena’s blog cooking-verbs2-crossword-1Descarga…… Continue reading B2 Cooking vocabulary 2