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B1 The manners quiz

My father always said things like ‘Little words go a long way.’ And things of the kind. We were always expected to say ‘thank you’ and ‘please’ and you’d easily see your grown-ups throw a fit when this was not the case because having good manners was something that was required from children and adults. But what exactly are good manners? Do you think it is important to be polite? And most importantly, do you agree that the idea of being a polite person depends on the culture? I mean, can you think of something that is considered extremely rude in one culture, but in another one is totally different. For instance, burping at the table or not tipping a restaurant service?

I’ll be posting more contents related to manners later on, but for the time being, you might want to find out if your manners would pass the test or rather than this, you need to go on an intensive course in order to get them checked.

Created by blogdeserena

How good are your manners?

How do you behave when among people? Do you consider yourself a polite and well-mannered person or couldn't you care less about what other people think?

Here's a tongue-in-cheek quiz for you to measure your manners.



Quiz by Serena

You’re at an art exhibition and you love some of the paintings that are on show. There is a notice saying that taking pictures is forbidden, but you really looked forward to posting them on your wall.  What do you do?

You're organising a party at your office. Not all your colleagues are 'your cup of tea'. ¿What do you do?

A friend of yours has had a hair cut that doesn't suit her/him. You ...

You’re walking to work with your usual plastic cup of coffee, but you’ve finished it on the way. You can’t find any bins nearby to dump it in and you are in a hurry. What do you do?

You've stopped at your local pub to have a drink with some friends. When it comes to paying you ...

You’ve invited a nice couple to have dinner at your house and they bring a horrible looking cake for dessert.  What do you do?

You've got a date! You're at a restaurant with this gorgeous special person. You're in the middle of telling this person a really funny anecdote, when suddenly your spaghetti bolognese arrives. What do you do?

After a really hard day at work , you’re on your way home in a train. You’ve managed to get a seat in the crowded train and can relax a bit. Suddenly a pregnant woman gets on the train and there are no more seats available and she’s right next to you.  What do you do?

You're at a meeting and one of your colleagues is giving a presentation. You have some messages on your phone. Do you…?

You're with a friend at a cafe. She's telling you that she's going through a difficult time because she has just broken up with her partner. Suddenly, your phone goes off. You...

Your best friends have prepared a surprise birthday party for you. They've also prepared your favourite birthday cake, but there isn't enough for everybody. What do you do?

You're queued up to pay at the supermarket. You're in a horrible rush when suddenly another cashier opens and says 'Please, you may come respecting the order of the queue.' There are people in front of you. What do you do?

You’ve been invited to dinner at a restaurant. You’ve just discovered a fly in your soup. What do you do?

You ‘re eating at a restaurant  with your workmates. You’re starving because you have been doing workouts at the gym. The waiter has already served you, but nobody else has their meal yet. What do you do?

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  1. Yes! I created the powerpoint version some years ago when I was first teaching B1 and my classes almost split their sides! I’ve now figured out how to create this type of quiz with this plugin that I bought so I’ve managed to post it on the blog and hope to get round to creating some more quizzes of this type.

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