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C1-C2 Adjectives for describing bodies


” I fear those grey, old men of Mocca’s Park,” Wrote Francis Kilvert, the Victorian diarist. “Those grey, gnarled, low-browed, knock-kneed, bowed, bent, huge, strange, long-armed, deformed, hunch-backed, misshapen oak men that stand waiting and watching century after century.”

When it comes to describing something or somebody, it is very usual to notice that a student is not using a wide variety of language. All too often, one constantly hears things like “nice, cool, tall, pretty and beautiful” even in the highest levels. This is normal, as a student usually focuses more on other aspects of the language such as syntax and choosing the right verb pattern. However, even when a message has been put forward efficiently and accurately, if the student failed to produce a juicy selection of collocations, adjectives, verbs and even some odd idiom, they won’t get far concerning grades.

In this activity, you can find and practise some adjectives related to weight, shape and muscles. You’ll also have a couple of tips related to adjectives that are used disapprovingly.

Created by blogdeserena

C1-C2 Vocabulary for describing people's bodies

Here you have a vocabulary quiz related to bodies, shapes of people, and physical appearance. Read the description focusing on the words in capitals and after choose a word from the options that fits this description.


Quiz by Serena

He was six feet four, VERY TALL, THIN and leggy.

I've never really liked any of the Hollywood stars with fair hair and STRONG, ANGULAR jaws.

TALL AND STRONG football players.

On television she looks so beautiful and ATRACTIVE IN AN EXPENSIVE WAY.

A PRETTY AND HEALTHY, bouncing baby, Freddie was her heart's desire and joy.

He lifted one STRONG AND THIN arm to wave.

Short, THIN BUT STRONG, and with a dark and rather damaged complexion, he could have been a retired flyweight boxer.

Manu was usually silent: a HEAVY AND STRONG-LOOKING man with flat black hair and a private smile.

My grandmother always looked at herself in the mirror saying that she had to lose weight. But actually we thought she was only a bit ROUNDISH AND SLIGHTLY FAT IN A NICE WAY.

Those dancing next to her in the line always felt UNATTRACTIVE AND UNFASHIONABLE by comparison.

You THIN AND WEAK little coward!

He was slight and PHYSICALLY WEAK, even as a young man.

He was THIN AND DELICATE  even as a young man.

The lamb was a SMALL AND WEAK little thing.

Jane took after our mother when it gets to talking about her THIN AND ATTRACTIVE fingers. Look at what I inherited from Dad! Sausages!

He was EXTREMELY THIN BECAUSE HE WAS ILL and half his weight.

The disease can also cause EXTREMELY UGLY AND FRIGHTENING lumps under the skin.

Major was twelve years old and had lately grown rather FAT, but he was still a majestic-looking pig.

Mike was tall, THIN AND FIT.

I have also been told I LOOK GOOD IN PHOTOS and I love anything to do with hair and make-up.

I look awful in a swimsuit, look at my arms WITH TOO MUCH SOFT LOOSE FAT, thunder thighs and love handle.

With FALLEN INWARD eyes, more grey hairs and stubbly beard on his unshaven chin, Tang looked much older, very haggard and tired.

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