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B2/C1 Reporting verbs for crime, punishment and blame

I’m certainly not going to teach all these verbs together because it’s far too much and you can bet that students will be dropping off in the classroom, tears in their eyes and yawns to and fro of pure, sheer and utter boredom. Nope, I try not to bore students, but sometimes the things we have to deal with can be SO tedious! Anyway, I would much rather split these verbs up into smaller chunks (and somehow more digestible), so here’s the first one that  introduces some of the reporting verbs that we can use in the topic of ‘Crime and Punishment’ Watch the video created with ‘bitable ‘ and after, try to do the interactive activity.

Created by blogdeserena

Reporting verbs blame-admit-claim-accuse-deny

Choose the best option

Activity by Serena

She told us she had accepted a bribe. (admit) 

They said they didn't want us to smoke in the office. (forbid)

They said they wouldn't tell us the truth. (refuse) 

Helen said that Tom had taken the purse. (accuse) 

The journalist said she had died during the assault. (claimed)


They said they wouldn't let us out if we argued. (threaten) 

The police feel that the weather caused the road accident. (blame) 

He said he hadn't taken the money. (deny) 

Don't say it was my fault that you lost your keys. (blame) 

Jane said she had seen the robber's face (claim)

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  1. Hi Serena, I can’t have access to the video on reporting verbs. Can you help me with that?

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