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A1 Comparative structures ‘as+ adjective + as’

as adjective as
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Here’s an activity for the comparative structure ‘as + adjective + as’ that is used to say that two items or groups of items that have the same quality.

Created by blogdeserena

Comparative adjectives as+adj+as

Complete the sentences with the missing words. Use the words in brackets.

Activity by Serena

This drink is delicious. The other drink is not ........this one. (nice)

The west line train is very slow. It's not ....  the district train. (fast)

I made some really bad mistakes in that test. I think I'm not .... you. (smart)

This restaurant isn't very good. It wasn't ......the restaurant we went to last month. (good)

Tom is the same height as Jack. Tom is ......  Jack. (tall)

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