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A2/B1 Comparative adjectives -er or more +adjective?

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A2 Comparative adjectives

Write the missing words to form the comparative form of the adjective in brackets (...)

Activity by Serena

We mustn't eat pizzas everyday. We must have a ...  diet. (healthy)

Can you walk a bit ... ? I'm very tired. (slow)

This is too slow we need a ... way to get to the city centre. (fast)

I remember that Tom was much... . (thin)

Jane is tired so she is going to bed ...  tonight. (early)

I like this chair. I think it's  ... than the red one. (comfortable)

John wants to find a job with a  salary. (high)


The walk to the museum is ... than I thought. (far)

This website gives ...  information than the other one. (reliable)

The journey over the mountains was ...  than they had imagined. (difficult)

His second book is much ... than the first one. (good)

The second part of the novel was ... than the first part. (bad)

She thinks her project is ...  than anything in the world. (important)

You have a ... car than me. (big)

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