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Another way to learn irregular verbs


One way to learn irregular verbs is to divide them into groups.

According to some grammar books, irrregular English verbs DO seem to have some type of regularity.  Here are some tips along with a couple of activities.


In this group, verbs remain nearly the same and change final -d for -t.

For example: build> built > built.

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Irregular verbs class 1

Write the correct form of the verb in brackets. Use the past simple and the past participle

Activity by Serena

She ___ with the press in two minutes. (deal)

My dad ___ me some money to buy a new car. (lend)

The company has __ a new motorway to avoid traffic jams. (build)

Why did you say that? You have ___ the fun for everybody! (spoil)

I have just ___ them the receipt. (send)

The banks have traditionally ___ money to people to buy properties. (lend)

They ___ lots of new hotels. (build)


My aunt really ___ her son. She gave him everything he wanted. (spoil)

Gran ___ us a beautiful Christmas card. (send)

When they arrived, we had already ___ all their money on drinks. (spend)

Peter __ all his wages and didn't plan for the future.(spend)

My brother has already ___ with this problem. (deal)


Verbs are the same in Past Simple and Past Participle, receive an -d/-ed/t suffix but change one or more vowels.

For example: leave > left> left

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Irregular verbs class 2

Write the correct form of the verb in brackets. Use the past simple and the past participle

Activity by Serena

He was arrested because he had __ stolen property. (sell)

The team ___ the game in the last minute. (lose)

The police __ the robber before he escaped. (catch)

He fell off a tree and injured his leg. The branch hadn't __ his weight. (hold)

My grandparents __ the house before the WWII. So it's very old. (buy)

He __ German at a language school. (teach)

Before she retired, she had ___ maths for thirty years. (teach)

The receptionist __ the way to the bedrooms. (lead)

My father always __ us stories before we went to sleep. (tell)

He has __ the team to victory because he always gives them support. (lead)

We have already ___ the food for the party. What do you mean you're going to cancel it? (buy)

Tom __ the hungry dog home. (bring)

Peter ___ he had made a mistake. (think)

They have ___ the lion that escaped from the zoo. (catch)

The supermaket had __ the shopping home before they arrived. (bring)

When she woke up the next day she ___ dizzy and sick. What had happened the previous night? (feel)

Before he lost the match, he had ___ for hours. (fight)

I have already __ that! Why do you repeat everything I say? (say)

She had __ for everything. (pay)

He's just ___ the office. (leave)

My grandfather ___ against some the most famous boxers of his time. (fight)

I ___ the rat by its tail. (hold)

My grandmother always ___ that grandad was very handsome. (say)

I hadn't ___ about Jenny's birthday. (think)

I haven't seen Jess this afternoon. I think she ___ early. (leave)

When we were kids we ___ a wallet full of money and credit cards. Of course we immediately took it to the police station. (find)

An ancient Roman villa was ___ by the archaeologist. (find)

We ___ the loan on the house last year. (pay)

I've __ my keys. (lose)

You have ___ me hundreds of lies! I don't believe you anymore. (tell)

That shop ___ home-made food but they couldn't compete against the supermarket. (sell)

He had __ happy about the tests and didn't expect to fail. (feel)


In this group the Past Simple usually has -ed but the Past Participle had -(e)n.

This is a small group and I suppose I’ll be adding some more if I can remember any.

For example: show > showed > shown although for the past participle you can usually use both forms, -ed and -wn.

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Irregular verbs class 3

Write the correct form of the verb in brackets. Use the past simple and the past participle

Activity by Serena

What surprised me was the comparison with that first photo of the man they'd ___ us the other week. (show)

The brave little tailor claimed he had ___ wealthiest men of the kingdom. (sew)

The Liverpool - Real Madrid final was a real disaster as police __ confusion among the football fans of both teams. (sow)

She quickly __ the rip in her dress and went off to the job interview. (sew)

We’ve ___ that field with wheat. (sow)

I ___ them where the gun was. (show)


One or both of the forms is/are completely different.

The past tense doesn’t have a suffix although it may change a vowel, but the Past Participle has an -(e)n suffix and the base vowel changes or both changes may happen.

For example: give > gave > given

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Irregular verbs class 4

Write the correct form of the verb in brackets. Use the past simple and the past participle

Activity by Serena

Please turn the telly down the telly! You've ___ up the baby. (wake)

His shirt didn't fit him because he had ___ during his illness. (grow)

He's ___ six champion horses this year. (ride)

I don't want this skirt. It's already been ___. (wear)

Somebody ___ a stone through the window. (throw)

When I was little I was __ by a dog. (bite)

They ___ along the road until they reached the park. (drive)

They had __ to go to Greece for their holidays. (choose)

I ___ the chocolate cake because it's my favourite. (choose)

I'm ready to leave. I've just ___ the assignment and hope to get a good mark. (write)

The woman ___ two coins and a phone number. (give)

I ___ up several times this night. I don't seem to be able to get any decent sleep. (wake)

Our father had ___ us permission to stay out until late. (give)

Children ___ their bicycles to school before. Now there's too much traffic. (ride)

The clothes that are ___ away are frequently put in landfills. (throw)

Peter ___ out the eighty candles on his birthday cake. (blow)

Tom and Jack had ___ through several towns before they reached the seaside resort. (drive)

The trees were __ over by the storm. (blow)

The mountaineer ___ to death before they managed to rescue him. (freeze)

At school we  ___ a horrible uniform. (wear)

She __ a house that was exactly like the house she lived in when she was a girl. (draw)

Who has __ the mixture? They have ruined it! (shake)

The man ___ a letter and left. (write)

He accidently ___ his grandmother's precious vase. (break)

The lake had ___ during the winter storm. (freeze)

He ___ the apple tree until the ripe fruit fell to the ground. (shake)

Mary was so good at drawing that in an hour she had ___ lots of illustrations for the cards. (draw)

She __ into a juicy apple. (bite)

My father __ the most amazing vegetables on his small plot of land. (grow)

He couldn't take part in the game because he had __ his leg. (break)


In this group the vowel changes in one or both. There are no other changes.

For example: begin > began > begun

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Irregular verbs class 5

Write the correct form of the verb in brackets. Use the past simple and the past participle

Activity by Serena

He ___ to speak and everybody looked at him in amazement. (begin)

He __ rich during the crisis. (become)

Jenny Smith ___ across the Channel when she was sixteen. (swim)

I'm not surprised you feel ill. You've __ all the wine. (drink)

His arms were aching. He had ___ for over an hour. (swim)

The dog __ all the water. It was very thirsty. (drink)

Real Madrid __ although Liverpool played really well. (win)

By the time she was 25 she had already ___ a successful novelist. (become)

Last Christmas we ___ carols with the Jones family. (sing)

She had ___ her best number when the show was interrupted by a man shouting. (sing)

It's no wonder he went on trip around the world after he had___ all that money on the lottery. (win)

The show had ___ by the time we reached the building. (begin)

Her wealthy parents-in-law had ___ them a house on the cost.(give)

Sam ___ her the keys back and said he was sorry. (give)


All the verbs are the same!

For example: put > put > put

Other verbs of this group are: burst, cut, hit, let and set.


In this group we see verbs that don’t share any features. As the verbs below.

For example: go > went > gone – Be > was/were > been

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