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The Eco-friendly vocabulary quiz


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Relationship vocabulary quiz

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Vocabulary quiz for reading

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Showbiz vocabulary quiz



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Vocabulary quiz on hobbies and free time

What do you like doing in your free time? How do you unwind? I like going out on my mountain bike, but unfortunately, I don’t have as much time available as I would like. Another thing I’m getting more and more enthusiastic about is DIY. Yes, I really love changing  tacky old furniture into something completely different and unique. Hanging out with some friends having a beer and a laugh is another activity I like doing, but there are many others such as listening to music, reading  or escaping to the cinema every now and then; although many of the films on nowadays are not really  my cup of tea. You might agree with me if I say, that the only problem about having free time is not having enough of it, but there again, life isn’t perfect, is it?  🙂  What do you like doing? Here’s a vocabulary quiz for different hobbies. See if you can guess the word and after, think about which one suits you most?

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Confusing words: appointment – date


In Spanish and Catalan we usually use ‘cita’ for when we have arranged to meet somebody for professional advice and for when we when we have arranged to meet somebody for leisure.  However, these  two words are very different in English.

Appointment is the word we should use for professional advice like when we go to the doctor for health reasons.

Date is the word we should use for reasons related to meeting somebody for fun or leisure (even if it ends in an argument 😉   )

Look at these examples and after do the quiz.

A – How do you feel today? 

B- Very happy because I have a date with Mick and he’s the so gorgeous!


A- How  do you feel today?

B- Quite bad. I have a very bad backache and I have to get an appointment with my doctor.


Some more food idioms

To put all your eggs in one basket

basket_of_eggsMeaning that you rely on one particular course of action not considering other possibilities first.

I have considered changing my job, but I don’t think I should put all my eggs in one basket.

This person thinks that a change of job might be a good thing, but it also involves a risk that might be difficult to change back if things don’t turn out as well as they had expected.

Picture from Daku 121

To cry over spilt milk

spilt_milkMeaning that a person is wasting their time worrying about something bad that has happened but cannot be changed.

It’s no use crying about spilt milk. Why don’t you speak to him about it?


Not to have a bean


To be without money.

I’m sorry. I can’t lend you any money. I haven’t got a bean!




To not know beans about something

Meaning that somebody doesn’t know anything about a particular subject.

I don’t know beans about art.

Don’t count your chickens (before they are hatched)


Meaning that you shouldn’t count on something good happening without considering that something may go wrong first.

She wanted to buy a new car in case she got the job, but I told her not to count her chickens before they hatched.