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C1-C2 Adjectives for describing voices

Morgan Freeman
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C2 Vocabulary quiz Voices and noises

In this activity you have sentences that describe noises and voice quality.

The description is in bold. According to this description you should select an option that fits this description from the options.


6. She was speaking quickly in a confusing and silly way saying something about her
necklace being stolen. She was ________ away.

13. The football supporters grew more and more noisy and rough as the evening went on. They grew more and more __________ as the evening went on.

15. I remember my mum doing the cleaning on Satuday mornings, singing in her soft,
warm pleasant voice. In her _________ voice.

1.She hit the door many times with her fists making a loud noise. She ___________ the door.

17. There was a loud sound of metalic and glass objects in the kitchen white Mike
washed-up. There was a _______ in the kitchen.

10. I couldn't get a wink of sleep. My stomache made long, deep and continuous sounds all night. My stomache ________ all night.

8.There’s been a lot of noise and excitement over his new film. There's a __________ over this film.

5. The PE teacher’s unpleasantly high and loud voice rang out across the school
fields. The PE teacher's _______ voice rang out across the school fields.

2. She couldn't hear what they were saying as their voices were far away and unclear.

9. I knew she'd arrived because I could hear the metalic sound of her bracelets hitting
each other. I could hear the _____ of her bracelets.

11. The dog gave a sudden short cry of pain and surprise. The dog__________.

7.The teacher spoke to them in a quiet and angry way. The teacher _________ at them.

18. 'Good morning Miss Honey!' greeted the children in a happy and lively way. 'Good morning !'_________ the children.

3. He could only answer in a very high-pitched voice as he felt he was hardly able to breathe. He could only answer in a __________ voice.

4. She burst into long and loud moments of laughter. She bust into _________ of laughter.

16. Sarah could hear a light high ringing sound of glass breaking in the living
room. Sarah could hear a _______ of glass breaking in the living room.

14. He made a short, low sound with his throat about not being able to sleep the night
before and left. He _________ that he hadn't been able to sleep the night before.

19. Stop complaining in that annoying, sort of crying voice!  Stop __________!

20. 'I've got a sore throat' He said in a low, creaky voice. 'I've got a sore throat' He ________

12. I heard an unpleasant noice, typical of a cat- was that you singing? Was that you_________?

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