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Have or be?

Have (got) and ‘be’ are frequently confused by beginners. Here are two (cutre) videos and a short grammar activity to help students with these two verbs.

All three tacky videos by Serena’s blog YouTube
Created by blogdeserena

Be or have?

Complete the text with one word

Activity by Serena

Musicals...really popular in this part of the city.

My aunt works in a hospital. She... a brain surgeon.

My parents ... at home. They are on holiday.

Pedro...quite a big family.

I can't go to work today. I've got#have#have got a really bad cold.

Kate and Jose ... a bit stressed today.

I miss my family and I...really homesick.

My flat...close to Battersea Park.

They... really happy today.

Does the baby... a temperature?

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