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Have or be?

Have (got) and ‘be’ are frequently confused by beginners. Here are two (cutre) videos and two grammar activities to help students with these two verbs.

All three tacky videos by Serena’s blog YouTube
Created by blogdeserena

Be or have?

Complete the text with one word

Activity by Serena

My aunt works in a hospital. She... a brain surgeon.

My flat...close to Battersea Park.

They... really happy today.

Kate and Jose ... a bit stressed today.

I can't go to work today. I've got#have#have got a really bad cold.

Does the baby... a temperature?

I miss my family and I...really homesick.

Musicals...really popular in this part of the city.

Pedro...quite a big family.

My parents ... at home. They are on holiday.

Created by blogdeserena


A1-A2 Be or have?

Read the text and  choose the best option

Activity by Serena

Hi everybody!
Well, here I 0) am in London. I got here only two weeks ago and I 1) ___quite homesick, but this is normal.
I 2)__ sharing a flat with three other people. The apartment 3) __ quite big and it 4) ___ very nice views onto the Thames, but my room 5)__ dark and a bit depressing.
One of my flatmates 6)___ very friendly. He 7) ___ British as he's from Italy. The two other people I live with are from France and they 8)___ very talkative  because they are both nurses and they usually work at night. One of the nurses 9)___ long black hair and looks a bit like Rosalia.
My work schedule is very full, so I 10) ___ a lot of time now.
Enough about me! How are you? Write back soon.

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